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At Central Fitness, our focus is to make fitness a central part of your life. We accomplish this through a more private, educational, and inclusive experience where you will leave feeling satisfied with your workout. We are passionate about what we do, and our mission is to help people achieve their fitness goals, big and small. Our focus is on private, one-on-one training specifically tailored to your individual needs. Health and fitness are central to your overall wellness, and our goal is to educate you on ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday life.


Meet our team

personal trainer / Owner

Kyler achenbach

Graduating from Bowling Green State University, like many of us, I began my job search without clear direction as to what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to work with and help people but had a couple of false starts. My life changed, however, on August 6, 2016, with the sudden death of my dad to pulmonary heart disease. What hurt me the most was that his unexpected death at such an early age was totally preventable. This set the new direction and passion for my life.

Not only could I improve my personal health, but I could also work with people to help them to extend their lives. Hence, my journey in personal fitness training began.

Becoming certified and working 6 years in several Ohio and local Naples fitness “gyms” refined my training skills. I loved the contact with my fellow trainers, the satisfaction following my personal workouts, but most of all the relationships I was able to develop with my clientele. I was actually helping people to achieve their own personal wellness goals, to improve their health, to lead a more active life, to extend their lives. I knew this was what I wanted to do.

As the years went by, I began to realize that I could improve on the services and environment of the typical fitness “gym”. If I abandon the focus on selling memberships, instead focused on providing one-on-one training to men and women of all ages and built a pristine and healthy “studio” versus “gym” environment, I could help my clientele even more. I knew I needed new, state-of- art equipment. I asked my engineer to design the healthiest environmental control system with the latest features of hospital environments – outside air changes, ionization, MERV and HEPA filters, UV germicidal lamps. I wanted a downtown location with bright open space embraced by natural light, wood floors, open ceilings. Most of all I wanted studio environment operating on an appointment-only basis to provide the best trainer-clientele experience in Naples.

I am building and living my dream and now know this is how my dad helped guide me to what I want to do rest of my life. I hope you will join me.


Real Reviews From Real Customers

"This is the perfect gym to train and get in shape! It's brand new, high quality equipment, lots of natural light. Kyler, the trainer, is the best trainer I have ever had. He is very knowledgeable and cares about your progress. I've seen great results in a couple of months. I highly recommend Kyler and this place.``

Gonzalo Fortun

"It's so nice to have a new gym in the heart of downtown Naples. The airy open atmosphere and the top of the line equipment make it a pleasure to be a part of"

Julie Krause

"Central Fitness is an amazing new gym in the heart of Naples! Kyler makes working out a positive experience! Thank you for bringing your first class training experience to Naples!"

Julie Wittock

"Kyler is an awesome personal trainer. He is also very personable and professional. He is always prompt and keeps you accountable. Lastly, he is great at creating a workout plan that will help you meet your personal goal whatever it may be. For my fitness journey I really wanted to work on strength training in my upper arms. He was able to create a workout plan that not only helped me accomplish my goal, but get my entire body fit which was an extra plus. I would recommend Kyler everytime!"

Lauren Barkley

When you call us you’re not going to hit an outlandishly long phone menu, and when you email us it’s not going to the inbox abyss, never to be seen or heard from again. At Central Fitness, we’ll follow up promptly because we provide the exceptional service we’d want ourselves.

Working Hours

Monday-Friday 6am-5pm
Saturday 6am-2pm

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850 Central Avenue, Unit 170
Naples Florida 34102

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